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Process Automation Technologies GmbH is an engineering company with 30 years of experience providing its customers with optimal solutions for automating production processes. We supply solutions for measuring flow, level, pressure, temperature, fluid analysis, data logging and digital communications, which helps our customers optimize the cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental friendliness of their processes. Our customers can be found in almost all sectors, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, energy, mining, oil and gas, as well as water supply and sanitation.



We are committed to a responsive quality service, timely deliveries, courtesy, and fairness.


We are accountable and responsible for our actions and accept the consequences of our decisions. 100% of completed contracts.


We appraise teamwork, and promote the principles of partnership, discussion and open communication.

Huge experience

Experience in implementing more than 30 years in various industries. We will study your problem and provide professional advice.

Reliable equipment

We work only with leading world manufacturers with proven reliability.

Competitive pricing

Supply of equipment at manufacturer prices as soon as possible.

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